Monday, April 5, 2010

No Prom!

This just in:
The country club prom was a FAKE!

Instead of canceling Furniture Prom last week (only to later announce a new prom at an even weirder location - Country Club Prom), these underhanded bigot parents/school-officials-who-lied-under-oath did the unspeakable: they SECRETLY RELOCATED PROM!! Only seven students, plus Constance and her girlfriend showed up at the country club, where, presumably, Nelson from The Simpsons laughed at them.

We knew this was bad, but wow. This is so bad that no one even thought of it as a possibility. I would link to the actual news article, but it doesn't seem to load. Curious.

I have no words. This is the most despicable thing they could have possibly done. ACLU, please destroy these people with your lawyering.


ajb said...

to be fair, Constance did know about the "real prom" but she (wisely) figured if they didn't want her she didn't want to go.

cassady said...

Yeah, I didn't know that she knew about the other one until today. Also, I just found out that her actual girlfriend's parents wouldn't let her go to prom, so her "date" was another girl. hmm...all points still valid though.